Sacred Billionairess™  is for women whose two most important pursuits are that of mysticism and abundance, in other words, spirituality and money; two things which you’ve always powerfully called upon and been interconnected with; two things that have always belonged together, rather than apart. 

This is for those women, whose dream is TOO big to be uttered out loud. Where the mere thought of manifesting it sends shivers down your spine, yet, still, your soul trembles with certainty.  If your goals are so big and ‘unbelievable’ that people would RIDICULE and DOUBT you; you are that special type of spiritual BADASS I am calling into this program!!! 

​To manifest our ‘unbelievable’ reality and ultimately be true to our souls’ calling by making our desires into our divine, achieved destiny.

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So, I'm set out to finally prove that Energy is everything you'll ever need to change and create your most orgasmic and wealthy reality.

I intend to take a brave set of women to the realms of impossibility and make it their new home.
To finally step into the boundless, limitless, infinite, and all things dripping in absolute pleasure.
What could be more sacred than pushing yourself past boundaries of belief or disbelief? 
What could be more divine than following your destiny, be in tune with your soul - regardless of the resistance of conditioning and the doubt (incomprehension) of the status quo?
What could be more important than forever and always emanating at the vibration of the wealthiest you,  you can ever imagine becoming?

Why wait? 

Why not go there now and remain there where obstacles and limitations don’t exist?

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

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According to popular mindset teachers, the most difficult part of the power of attraction is visualization, clearing negative thoughts, and not actually knowing what you want… 
Or even being ‘afraid’ about what you really want, as you’re faced with so much doubt (incomprehension)...

You sort of feel like you know that and deal with these difficulties, right?


Here is the thing though, You NEED to Believe.

Mind you; believe not only that it's possible but that it’s already here, real, happened, ‘achieved’, in the now. You need to therefore ignore your logic and give in to your intuitive urges - your soul, guiding you. Because when you correctly and truly listen to your intuitive urges, that is, when you lean in with trust and dedication and excitement; something indescribable awakens, making the path crystal clear, followed by crystallization of your manifestation,... as you’re PULLED INTO Your Dream, Your Destiny, Your Reality. 

This Process, this Awakening, this Leap - this Pull - not only will never feel bad or forced, it truly is the epitome of manifesting Your Dream Reality and Ultimately: It is Your Destiny.


You'll have others believe it requires: extensive training, patience, years of trial and error, external guidance, luck... 


All it requires is CALIBRATION! To tune, to adjust with respect to resonance at a particular frequency, to determine, rectify, or mark the graduations of, to standardize, to adjust precisely for a particular function/standard


I want to get what the above really means...


...it means,

you can find your "tuning fork" that produces the pure tone, emitting the vibration of abundance at the fundamental frequency and you can instantly match the tone

...it means,

you can correct and crystallize your vibration to the most abundant standards

...it means

if you get the vibes right, the action and results will follow naturally and your reality will shift in tune with you, as all is created from your vibration!

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You want to have wealth but it's so hard to explain it to others, because it's not about the money, it’s really not! It's about love. Most people don't see money as an expression of love, but I do, and deep down I know you do too. 

Let me Illustrate:

How much love can I allow myself to receive in the form of money?

Last month, I called in over $84k, from doing nothing except saying no to Sh*t, I wasn't available to just anymore. I didn't sell a single high ticket thing (though trickles of wealth always come in from whatever content is floating around online and my epic podcast). I didn't market at all, no sales call, I didn't try to get clients, I wasn't giving up but I was OVER IT, I fired one of my coaches that suddenly revealed HUGE scarcity blocks, I stream lined my schedule, started taking more days off, doing more pampering, spa (even at home), deleted anything that was not part of the non-negotiables, played with myself more (ordered a new rabbit and a Telescopic wand *wink*), and basically owned being the "manifestation bitch" - the part of my business which was inspired by the relationship book “Why Men Love Bitches” as I realized men do love an assertive woman,

and so does MONEY.
Last month money came in unexpectedly, so the expectation wasn't it, money came in large lump sums, so incremental increase is bullsh*t,

I wasn't meditating or doing my yoga daily, so it wasn't about spirituality,

So what was it? 
What did I do? (Wrong question!)
I simply Calibrated. 

Once I decided the other ways and methods were no longer necessary I was free to rule my world, where never again do I need money to come from my business.

Basically, I discovered the power of tuning into the frequency of wealth, becoming in vibrational resonance with it, allowing (for example) one million dollars to go from feeling uncomfortable, to normal to absolutely cutting yourself short. 
Truly, after this, I decided to just be and stay in the vibration of abundance which for me coincidently is also how I feel spiritually nourished and worthy… When I feel like the Universe’s Favorite Creation, there is Nothing good I will turn down as I believe more is inherently good AND I believe I deserve ALL my good, in all shapes, forms, and experiences, ALL OF IT and wealth is my greatest spiritual teacher as well as one of the key ways of how I feel loved by the Universe. Really, I believe money is God in Action. 
Money, is a physical demonstration of the energy of abundance, of Love. 

▶ As I calibrate each day, I feel money now much before I hold it in my hands, I see it, feel it, and know it's coming and it's mine!
▶ As I calibrate and tune myself into abundance, I feel stronger and more capable
▶ I practice my rituals with intent and presence
▶ I am fully in my integrity 
▶ When my soul yearns to create, bursting at the seams, then I do, until then, I just embody and evoke a higher standard of feelings.

But money for me, it loves me, it just comes, he's like the most awesome most romantic husband, 

​▶ Faithful, loyal, accepting, buys me whatever I ask for, and many times surprises me with things I love which I never even knew i wanted
I remember when someone gifted me a car... I couldn't believe it!

I couldn’t believe that at that point I was already vibrating in the essence of a woman who men - and Money - go above a beyond for
Money for me, goes above and beyond, it listens and studies me carefully, looking every day for ways to show me it’s there, it loves me, it delights in my pleasure, and it's faithful. 

I know now that money respects its master: you. Money is exact, specific, obedient, and thorough. It only aims to please, to reflect back to you the physical form of love; the materialization.
With this understanding we begin to get it: to get the money we must also learn to receive more love.
You will feel the shift inside WAY before you hold it in your hands. I know a year feels long. It can be. But it's actually really really fast if you're calling in your first million, even from 0, from scratch, I am set to prove that it can happen that fast for you too. This is the first time I roll a program like this and I am so so so proud.
And since I’m so ready for You to join and transform, I am going to make it easy! ok? What if there was no "real" risk?
What if I included a money-back guarantee? Complete the program, and if dissatisfied you can request a refund. Would that ease your fears? Calm the uncertainty inside?
What if I included a cancelation policy, cancel anytime?
What if there was daily accountability, where I won't let you slip!

It's a Vibe (seriously, it's A Vibration!)

It's a Vibe (seriously, it's A Vibration!)

You feel it swirling inside way before it manifests. 
It’s like you're the "Secret Millionaire" next door... the vibe of "being" without the need to ever buy a thing
Feeling so rich and so full that the edges of impossibility are blurred and even erased completely

Luxury for you doesn't look like a $10,000 handbag, and IT NEVER WILL.

REAL luxury for you is "channeled message" events, maybe even getting your Ph.D. from the Quantum University or spending all day hanging naked upside down beneath a mango tree (you know who you are)!

It's subdued, it's effortless, it's just utter flow and abundance, that feels so natural, it just gets to be readily available, reliable, sustainable, flowy, delicious,  ecstatic, blissful, and downright orgasmic


​you and wealth engrossed in an unconditional love affair that never ends
what if you let money become your greatest guru and your greatest lover: god in action
Wealth as the physical representation of the energy of love
What would it feel like to align to the exact vibration of your most intimate desire, so big, so private, so delicious?
Once and for all entering into a sacred romance with money

How would it feel to be pursued by money? (WTF?)
This is my desire. To constantly manifest something people believe is impossible, ridiculous, and just straight-up obnoxious. I can sense the thoughts of those who disapprove, disbelieve, condemn my audacity. I can hear the doubts of those who, although won’t say it out loud as it would be ‘impolite’ still think, "she calls herself, what? She actually thinks she can manifest one million dollars just with "mindset" without "inspired action"? Bullshit, I've tried it all, done it all, if it could be done, I would have done it, I've been doing this for a long time" ... 
At the end of the day, this is my desire, my dream and my destiny - to achieve the impossibles... What’s yours?

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The Details

▶ Imprumptu training, private podcasts/workshops/teachihngs, supporting, and sharing inside our private chat group.

▶ Unlimited group messenger audio & text support (the whole Vibe!)

▶ Upon request private sessions each month.

▶ Member only prices for high ticket offers

▶ The Sacred Billionairess mastermind is open and enrolling now.

▶ Monthly goal intention workshop/workbook + daily accountability

▶ What is The Quantum Tantra Vibration Method and What is a Quantum Tantra Vibration Pull

▶ What is a treatment and how does it work + the sacred code

▶ Why + how to journal to actually shift

▶ Recommended schedule + How to succeed in this program

▶ Monthly goal intention workshop/workbook + daily accountability checklist/poster

▶ Leverage the power of creation through ecstasy and pleasure!

▶ Imprumptu training, private podcasts/workshops/teachihngs, supporting, and sharing inside our private chat group.

▶ 365+ Quantum Tantra Pulls

▶ Energy Shifting journaling process

▶ Daily support

▶ 365 Challenge: Show up & Trust

▶ Pleasure Practice

▶ QTVM Bedtime Audio Rewiring

▶ That you manifest and call the largest amount of money possible, and that is the smallest amount you will ever make again!
▶ As for me, I want the same, I want to finally say "see, you did it" to myself, but most of all, I want you to have it because I want to brag about how you did it, wiht my support and from (almost nothing to almost everything in one year!
▶ Attracting large sums ($84k cash last month) has become easier and more comfortable for me, I almost fet more confortbale manifesting large juicy amounts anyways! And I want to share how it can be easy for you too!

▶ $999 per month for 12 months, but check out today's OFFER! You have an opportunity to save the most the faster to decide, if you know this is for you, you know and that's the game I'm playing with the universe, you can ultimately get this for 80% off or pay full price. Up to you.

▶ We vibe, we heal the sisterwound, we mingle with high vlaue women, as frineds, as soul family and goddesses, rising and lifting each other.

It's a Vibe (seriously, it's A Vibration!)
Wealth is something you let in and if you don't know how to do that, I will show you what I do BUT more importantly, I will teach you how to make the impossible your playground...

I will strip back the lies and show you the truth about you
I will make you look at that truth every F*cking day
until you believe it, know it, feel it

I will believe FOR you until YOU believe, because baby girl, I BELIEVE,
I KNOW how to flip the vibrational switch daily

and amplify it
augment it 
and light a fire inside your soul 
every day 

until you know it until millions and millions of dollars feels doable, easy, boring, regular, automatic
Without me needing to teach you ANYTHING NEW
Without lectures
Just showing you how to vibrate, align, calibrate & repeat
day in and day out


let's get out all that excitement now, let's dream BIG & just feel the receiving vibes but we won't be lingering there for long

 because let's be real, 
money is really not that impressive to people like us

what we thrive on, what we love is to share

we love to tell the stories,
we love to create stories,
we love to live experiences that create more epic stories
we love to create love stories

About how much we love our clients, our families, and our friends

but we get that

it is all about love

what can be more sacred than feeling deeply loved?
Richly loved? Pursued by money?

What can be easier than saying yes to money?

I learned a while ago from my friend Jill about men and I feel it works for money too,  "If he's not pursuing, he's not worth pursuing"

What I get from that is, chasing is downright unattractive and repulsing, 
And, that you actually pursue him more by doing less and leaning back into receiving.

You are ready, unexplainable as it may feel, right now this moment feels important, like the next chapter
you already feel abundant, you feel so loved,
important and valued and know that you can improve the world. 

It's time your external reality matches the internal one.

If you already know that someday, this rich life is possible, let me ask you, why aren't you choosing it for today?
Why wait?

...let's face it, you already feel rich, you already know it, so what is actually holding money at arm's length, and aren't you just over it?

Aren't you just gonna fully decide and believe, today?

Aren’t you just over the anx, the stress, and ready to relax into it? REceive it? I'm just trying to help you decide; and if you haven't decided, can I ask you why? 
Why aren't you ready for what you know is your destiny?

"Thought Luxury"... doesn't that sound way more interesting to someone like you, like us?


I'm willing to bet that to you, my friend, what most appealed to you about this program title wasn't the billionairess, it was sacred.

The idea of money: a GOD IN ACTION, the law of attraction in a passionate love affair with grace,  and in some unperceivable way, you know deep down that money is sacred. For a woman like you, money is an unadulterated expansion tool. Let just agree right now, in case it wasn't clear, MONEY IS INHERENTLY GOOD AND SACRED. 

The rich millionaire inside you is so different from the rest of the millionaires out there. The super-rich version of you ready to be activated NOW already possesses something that gives her the cutting edge; a tool that puts all the choices of the world at her feet. Truly, her magic, mine and yours is our integrity, it's sacred.

Gone are the days of quiet rebellion, for women like us, like you, because now, only the bigger commands our full attention, it calls you, draws you in, pulls you where you can no longer avoid the call as it’s loud, it's clear, it's amplifying your heartbeat, making you breathe deeper, taking it all in. It's the pull, calling you, your destiny. I too know that call.

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I know who you really are 

You're someone's secret weapon. For some reason, everyone who works with you prospers in ways you can't even comprehend. Somehow your clients, make more money than you! But, you don't care because all you want is to be of value. A part of you likes the money but loves the feeling of being so invaluable to someone, that you are the reason, well, A reason, that they are more abundant today, more joyful, more certain, and ultimately, more wealthy. 

And on that:

I am someone's secret weapon. 
Imagine your dream coach or some other dream mentor, how do you feel about her/him?
Personally there a few mentors I would KILL to work with... I'd find the money to be in their closest possible circle; meaning the highest container; meaning a f*ck ton of money - and I would just cling to their every word OBSESSED!

We all have a dream coach... Do you have yours in mind?
Do this with me… Imagine her/him, super close to you, eye to eye,.. 

Breathe deeply and lock eyes with them in your imagination

Then, Repeat the Moses code: "I am that, I am".
What do you see?
Well, here is what I know you actually see: yourself. Your dream coach is a reflection of what you are calibrating to, what is possible - now!
What's my hook?


Here is my hook: don't you just want to do what you want?
Just imagine that life, where you only do what you want?
nothing else to learn, or do, now it’s just time to be




But what if you have no idea how to vibrate in alliance and resource with your big money goals? 
I will show you, which is why I know this method works, 
The science, the woo, the psychology, and my beliefs


But the main and most obvious reason this works is simple, I believe it does, I believe this was a message I received one day meditating on my aerial yoga hammock. I tell the story often. I was meditating, the word Billionaire dropped in and I broke the trance and audibly said, with a “b”? When I first heard ‘Billions’, the vibe was more similar to paralyzing fear, but was immediately followed by an intuitive message with a bit of sarcasm, "that’s why we never tell you, humans, the future". On a humorous note: I accepted.


I said, ok, let's do it, use me. Let me be the example for all the women of the earth. Then, this program downloaded and honestly changed my inner world (as well as of course the outer). Because in the end, truly, there can be no external wealth if you're internally starved and deprived.  My twist on the phrase "inner peace is world peace" as "inner wealth is world-class wealth". Essentially, as above so below.


The interesting part is we never can do anything about the results (outer reality), we can only do something about our inner reality. 

So what if, we do JUST THAT, let's CHANGE YOUR INTERNAL REALITY no action required... more on that inside the program, but truly no action is ever required.  But action helps us "receive".. don't worry, although deep-diving into these topics is my absolute pleasure, this program is not a class or a video or a module or any of that, rather, it is a vibration training camp. And if I am correct - which I am - no action is required unless and until it is roaring from inside begging to be let out.


For 3 years I "unsuccessfully" tried to launch one of my programs. It wasn't until now that I understood that action follows alignment, that action or inaction is a result of energy.  For example, the energy of doubt, no matter what can only call in and activate things that match said perception, even though doubt is not real, it's really just something you practiced.

 ​So, what if now, you practice certainty? Would that bear different fruits in your life?
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Money is not a reward for good behavior and lack of money is not a punishment, money is a faithful servant, so can you be a good master?

What if money was more like a lover?
Where all you ever need to be is less of the things that do not feel good and just be more You. Sounds too simple, but, oftentimes it denotes Genius.

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”
― Albert Einstein

Why would you only settle for practical fulfillment...

Doesn't it feel completely fulfilling to imagine you and money, in love, together, always, with ease and pleasure, always safe, always there, saying yes to your every desire, a relationship in which money is pleased to please you?


For those women, whose dream is TOO big to be uttered out loud. If your goals are so big, people would RIDICULE you, then you are my special type of BADASS!!!